About RoomFlick

We’re the new kid on the flat sharing block. RoomFlick is all about unlocking new living experiences using your social connections. We want to make it easier to find the perfect people to live with.

RoomFlick in The Sunday Times!

Pretty chuffed to have secured our first bit of coverage in the main stream news today. The lovely Emily Wright has written a piece on us for The Sunday Times. You can read the article here. Happy Sunday Share... read more


Archiving & liking

Swipe left if you don’t like a place, swipe right if you do.

Secure messaging

Found a place you like? Chat and arrange a viewing with our secure in-app messaging.

Shared connections & interests

RoomFlick uses social connections to match people and spare rooms.

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It’s super easy to add a spare room or property using our app in just a few taps.

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